Episode 11: An Artistic Game of Telephone

What is the nature of inspiration and how do we as humans interpret and translate our inspiration? These are just a few questions at the heart of Sally Taylor’s Consenses project. She argues that using metaphor as a way to see the world gives us an opportunity not only to see the variations of perspective amongst us, but to appreciate the equality of each person’s point of view.

Sally TaylorSally Taylor is a musician and the founder of Consenses, a global, multidisciplinary, artistic collaboration engaging 150 artists from around the world who anonymously interpret each others art and use it as a catalyst for their own artistic expression.

Born and raised in New York City, Taylor was diagnosed as dyslexic at age 10 and spent her early years, guided by her mother Carly Simon, learning how to communicate and decode the world using art as a language.

She taught herself how to play guitar and write music and in 1998 she formed her own record company and produced and recorded three albums (Tomboy Bride, Apt #6S & Shotgun). She and a 5-piece band toured 270 days of the year between 1998-2003. Retiring from the road at 30 she moved to Boston with her husband, Dean Bragonier, and began teaching at Berklee College of Music.

In 2012, Sally founded Consenses with the mission of promoting tolerance, empathy, creativity and peace by providing art as a language and a lens through which to see ourselves, each other and our world more compassionately and expansively. In this effort she is dedicated to enlarging the scope of artistic collaboration, the recognition of art as a journey and a conversation, and the collective exploration of the individuated human experience.

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