Episode 9: A Modern Park, A Journey End to End

Modern city parks need to be fun, sustainable, green, and engaging. It’s a tall order. Laura Jasinski, Director of Programs and Planning at the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a mile-and-a-half of contemporary parks running through the heart of Boston, speaks to the evolution and cultivation of their public spaces, public programs, and community engagement.

Laura JasinskiLaura Jasinski is the Director of Programs and Planning at the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. She joined the Conservancy in 2010 as an intern and has become a valued member of the organization’s leadership for her ability to manage complex projects and collaborate across Conservancy departments.

In her current and past roles, Jasinski served as the Project Manager for the development of the Greenway Carousel at the Tiffany & Co. Grove, the installation of the Dewey Square Demonstration Gardens, the recent installation of a monumental aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman named As If It Were Already Here, and the addition of several other park amenities. She also serves as a liaison to Boston’s design and development community to ensure that Conservancy projects both influence and align with citywide planning initiatives and adjacent developments. As the Director of Programs and Planning Jasinski will further the Conservancy’s goal of integrating successful park uses and events with capital improvement planning.

Jasinski holds a BA in Architectural Studies and an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.

Art in the Round from Tufts University on Vimeo.

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