Episode 2: Peer Networking – Therapy + Professional Development

What can happen when “departments of one” come together? Betsy Loring, Director of Exhibits at EcoTarium, shares the benefits of multi-layered peer-to-peer professional development (across state lines, no less!), including staff retention, more engaging exhibits, and strengthened in-house expertise.

Betsy_Loring_300by200Betsy Loring is the Director of Exhibits at the EcoTarium, a museum of science and nature in Worcester, MA. Set on 55 acres of natural and landscaped grounds, the EcoTarium offers indoor and outdoor experiences for all ages, including hands-on family-friendly exhibits, historic collections, wildlife, and educational programming. Loring oversees the museum’s Wildlife, Collections, and Exhibits Departments. Continue reading “Episode 2: Peer Networking – Therapy + Professional Development”

Episode 1: A New Economic Model for Creative Placemaking

Is there a new economic model where the business and arts sector better recognize one another? The city-making market has realized the arts are a catalyst for place. Mark Davy founder of Futurecity, describes how the public sector can do a better job of telling its story to the private sector in order to “flip the budget” in favor of cultural partnerships.

Portrait of Mark DavyMark Davy founded Futurecity in 2007 as a culture and placemaking consultancy and a platform for predominantly private sector involvement in culture-driven development of urban centers. Under his leadership Futurecity now has 17 staff members, has written over 100 cultural and arts strategies for large brownfield developments, regeneration areas and urban centers, and works for a wide range of property sector, local authority, and public sector clients. Continue reading “Episode 1: A New Economic Model for Creative Placemaking”