Episode 107: Youth Workforce Development in Creative Industries

Kim Dawson is the Director of Advancement at ZUMIX, a venerable creative youth development organization in East Boston. ZUMIX works with a largely immigrant community to better equip its youth to be able to navigate the world once they have graduated out of ZUMIX and high school. Dawson shares how they are expanding their opportunities for workforce development to help youth gain the skills they need to be paid well to do something they really love.

Kim DawsonKim Dawson is an Assistant Professor of Arts Administration in the Music Business/Management Department at Berklee College of Music and the Director of Advancement at ZUMIX. Kim has been working in the nonprofit sector as an artist, educator, administrator, and humanitarian for over 15 years.

Her past work has taken her to New York, London, and Los Angeles, and has included serving in executive roles for two local arts organizations, founding and managing an independent theater company, teaching theater, facilitating workshops focused on building literacy through artmaking, and performing as a professional actress. She has been recognized as a Citizen Artist Scholar at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and has received accolades from the President’s Committee for the Arts and Humanities and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. Kim holds a BFA in Acting from Boston University and a Masters degree in Arts in Education from Harvard University.

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