Episode 61: Oh, the Places Springfield Museums Will Go!

Kay Simpson, President of the Springfield Museums, speaks to the opening of the Dr. Seuss Museum, and what it means to Springfield, MA, Theodor Geisel’s hometown.

Kay SimpsonKay Simpson is President of the Springfield Museums. She received her B.A. from Smith College and a M.Ed. in educational administration from the University of Massachusetts. Ms. Simpson has more than 30 years of museum experience.

Her current responsibilities include the direction of all areas of operations for the Springfield Museums, an interdisciplinary complex of two art museums, a history museum, a science museum, the outdoor Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden and the newly open Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum.

The new Seuss museum has resulted in a dramatic 110% increase in attendance and coverage from regional, national, and international media outlets. In addition, the new museum is catalyzing business and housing development in the neighborhoods surrounding the Museums creating a better and safer environment for downtown residents.

One Year Later – Dr. Seuss Museum report (PDF)

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