Episode 81: Adapting to Change, Not Just Fighting It

Boston’s Fort Point is home to over 300 artists who produce work in a wide array of media. Jennifer Mecca, President of Fort Point Artist Community, discusses the huge changes this neighborhood has seen over the years. She shares how the artists’ community (one of New England’s largest) has evolved from being in “SOS” mode around artist space issues to becoming strategic and proactive in creating partnerships and projects to increase artist visibility and influence.

Jennifer MeccaJennifer Mecca is President of the Fort Point Artists Community. Her textile art has been recognized by the Mass Cultural Council, and has been shown nationally, and at local venues including the Fuller Craft Museum and the Providence Art Club. Since moving to the neighborhood in 2003, Jennifer has been a strong advocate for preserving Fort Point’s artist studios and for the role of the arts community and the creative economy in the growing Fort Point/ Seaport area. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Midway Artist Collective, Boston’s largest artist live-work studio building.

Jennifer brings over 25 years’ experience in urban design, development planning and community preservation to the Fort Point Arts Community. Her consulting practice provides services to both public and private sector clients, and she has worked with communities across the Commonwealth on master plans, downtown revitalization, strategic planning and placemaking.

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