Episode 91: Igniting Community in Central Mass

Heather Cook founded Three Match Creations with an aim to spark community in Central Massachusetts through creativity, innovation, and education. Their Co-Lab offers a center for connection between whoever is looking for a support system – artists, makers, creatives, and/or growers.

Heather CookRaised in the backwoods of Montana, completely off-grid, Heather Cook learned at an early age the necessary skills to keep herself alive and how to make her own heat. Because of this, she grew up understanding the crucial need for community, creativity, and innovation for the betterment of life. In 2018, Three Match Creations was formed.

As a child in rural Montana, Heather was endlessly motivated by things that challenged her endurance and would often take just three matches into the woods and see how long she could survive. She found that even with limited resources, she was able to develop life-sustaining support. Heather has carried this analogy with her in her professional life for the past 16 years. Through her humanitarian work and massive life challenges (her own and within her community), she thrives on survival.

Heather has utilized these resources not only to survive her own life struggles, but to also grow through them. Over the years, she realized that the development and growth of these, and similar resources, are not only no longer taught, but that these resources were being eroded with a culture of consumerism, disconnection, and sterilization.

Due to Heather’s observations, she decided to do something about it and launched Three Match Creations, offering education, products, and services that change a culture from overstimulated, disconnected, fearful, heartless, sterile, and dependent to imaginative, interconnected, courageous, full of heart, vibrant, and self-sufficient.

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